Private Sales 88BRANDS.com is an online club of private sales. Week after week we select the most prestigious brands of ready to wear, sportswear, accessories, underwear, high-tech, home appliances, etc. and offer their products, exclusively to our Members, with discounts ranging from 30% to 70% off the retail price. An Exclusive Experience Our members regularly receive emails inviting them to our private sales, where they can have the privilege to purchase articles from their favorite brands at the best price directly from home. To maintain the exclusivity of the 88BRANDS Private Club, our sales are based on limited stock, they only last a few days and are only accessible by our Members. The payment for now can only be made by Cash On Delivery, but we will soon integrate the Alipay online secure payment system as well. ORNF - Only Reals No Fakes Of course, the products offered on 88BRANDS.com are all genuine: we always prove to our Members that they come directly from the brands or their certified distributors. Being a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, we make it a point of honour to only advertise products that can be traced back to the brands themselves and to avoid offering an item on which we have the slightest doubt. This strict code of conduct, that we follow for all of our sales, is referred to as Only Reals No Fakes. Sponsorhip and Reward 88BRANDS.com being a Private Club, the only way to join in and enjoy our private sales is to be invited by an existing Member. The registration is necessary but free of charge. Once you have become a Member, you can then in turn invite your friends in order to win vouchers that you can use during our private sales. From France to China The concept of online private sales originated in France a few years ago and is now very successful in several European countries. And now, thanks to 88BRANDS.com, it is also available in China! Our multicultural team, lead by a French person familiar with China, daily strives to provide you, our Dear Members, with the best brands, at the best price, with the best Customer Service... 展开 公司地址:500 XiangYang Road (邮编:200031) 地图 公司官网:http://www.88brands.com
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